Our International Office strives to encourage vision and quality in the university‘s international activities by disseminating information on international opportunities, promoting the university‘s courses abroad, providing support to international students on campus and developing an international outlook among students and staff. We aspire to increase the visibility of international students, employees, visitors to enrich the broader campus community. Internationalising the campus, the curriculum and services to staff, students, partners are the main aim of Beykent University International Office.  There has been a significant increase in the number of international students choosing to study in Beykent University. Could it be to discover historical, cultural and natural beauties of Istanbul city? Could it be to discover the world famous Turkish hospitality and friendship? Perhabs it is the quality of teaching and learning that takes place in Beykent University? It‘s due to the combination of all these factors.  As Beykent University, we are always delighted to receive international inquiries and hope that we will be able to help you for your admission process. 

Our main aim is to improve the quality of our education and strengthen its European dimension. We do this by encouraging transnational cooperation between universities, fostering the European mobility of students and teachers. To strenghten our internationalisation strategy, we develop academic relations all around the world.


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