Dear Youngsters,

Our world has begun to become a single market by becoming global rapidly. Today experiencing dazzling progress in all areas, the concept of boundaries between countries are completely eliminated and all markets are combined thanks to globalization.  Large corporations are now willing to work with the most talented managers without discriminating religion, language or race.  To take our place as a nation and individuals in this process of rapid change, we need self-taught professionals in each field and sector.  Beyket University, set up to serve for this purpose with the principle of thinking of the future today, has obtained the mission to educate professionals sought not only of Turkey but also all over the world and to represent our country in the 21st century in the best way.

Dear youngsters,

This is your university. We have created a warm and loving educational environment and living space in our university for you, our students. Come to know your university Beykent and see for yourself the environment you will study in.  We strongly believe that you will take the right decision for your future with the support of your parents, teachers and of your own will. I wish you good luck in advance.

Respectfully yours,

Chairman of the Board of the Trustees

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