Distinguished Members of Beykent University,

A country’s level of development is directly proportional to the trained manpower of that country. Trained manpower is rightly expressed within the enrolment rates at primary, secondary and higher education. Beykent University, an institution whose members proudly acknowledge their membership, has undertaken an important task within the system of higher education in Turkey and continues to this task with a great success. Henceforth, it will pursue in this task by increasing the quality and service volume in a useful competitive environment. 

Universities have mainly two functions, one is research and the other one is teaching and learning. Our main duty should be making the necessary scientific and technological research in the areas required by the society and sciences, and train professional manpower for the service of the society. 

In today’s Turkey, the supply of higher education to the society is inadequate in the face of its claim. Therefore, there is a need for the present higher education institutions to take more responsibilities, and also, new higher education institutions are required. In comparison to developed countries, the lack of higher education institutions and low enrollment rate in higher education is emerging in our country. 

Hence, similar to the other state and private universities in Turkey, Beykent University highly contributes to the services of higher education. In this regard, on the behalf of the university members, staff and students I would like to express my innermost gratitude to the founder of the ADEM ÇELİK – BEYKENT FOUNDATION, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Adem ÇELİK and all the members of the Board of Trustees, for preparing all the facilities of Beykent University and presenting it to the service of the Turkish Society.

Our university with the Board of Trustees, the Rectorate, Deans’ Office, Directorates, General Secretary, Administrative Staff and Students is considered as an inseparable entity. As indispensable parts of the whole we should aim at a continuous improvement of our quality in a harmonious environment where mutual respect, love and tolerance prevail. 

Distinguished Faculty Members and Teaching Staff,

Your presence creates the fundamental basis for an academic capacity of our university. Our ideal in training our students should be based on the achievements of the Republic and follow the Great Leader ATATŰRK`s words:”intellectual liberty, freedom of conscience and wisdom” to our students.  We can only achieve this by constantly improving ourselves, increasing the quality of the service we provide for the education and doing academic research in the areas we are specialized in. 

Dear Students,

You create the basis of our existence. The university years are a harvest season for you; in this process you should train yourselves both scientifically (professionally) and socially, also you should never forget that you owe a big responsibility to your families who have undertaken great sacrifices in order to provide you with a good education. You should strive to be not only successful, but also a valuable and beneficial individuals to the society. The Great Leader Atatűrk, has entrusted the Republic of Turkey to you.  You ought to cherish it. You are the bright future of this country. You must be always conscious of it.

Precious Working people of Beykent University, 

The quality of services given to the university will only improve with your contributions. I have no doubt that you will give your best support services by putting an effort in it, and be always soft spoken with a smiling face. I firmly believe that we will bring our university to a well deserved level by realizing our duties in a mutual respect, love and tolerance, providing constructive solutions to the problems we face.

I wish you all health, serenity and productivity in your work.

Most sincerely,

Prof. Dr. M. Emin KARAHAN

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